Anna Koopmans - Living the sweet equestrian life with frisians

Name:  Annalynn Koopmans
Age: 29
From: The Netherlands living in Belgium

|| Slogan for life:

Do what makes you happy & Never give up on the things that
you believe in

About Anna

Tell us a bit more about yourself,
who are you, where did you grow up, do you ride since being a child?

I’ve been riding since I was 4 years old and had my own horses since I was 7 years old. I partly grew up in South Africa, and studied Equine Science, Behavior & Medicine in the UK.

You work in a Frisian stable – how
did you get to do that? Was this a dream of yours?

Before I started working at the stables I was working as a full time freelance flying groom. Traveling around the world with
horses. I absolutely loved it!  But then Covid19 hit the world, and all borders got closed leaving me pretty much jobless.

In that year I moved from Holland to Belgium. Because our stable at the house was not ready yet, we stabled our horses at our landlord private stables. Shortly after the landlord asked me to come work for him. Although it might not be my dream job I love all these horses like they are my own and it is very hard for me to leave them. I still sometimes, if I have the time, work as a flying groom.

What’s the best thing or the thing
you love the most about frisians? What is the biggest difference to other horse

I love their easy-going nature!
All my life I’ve had warmblood horses and they can be quite a handful with their temper and nerves, so the biggest difference between KWPN and friesians for me is their temper and obviously their movement & gait.

Next to your daily work you also
started influencer work, what do you love about it, and do you also have

I honestly never thought my account would grow into me being a Influencer. Although it’s a lot of work, I really really enjoy it! Struggles ? I would say finding the time & energy to shoot content for my sponsors . Because I only work with brands I believe in or absolutely love – I want to do my best for them! But as said, it is a lot of work and needs a lot of time.

Instagram is always sunshine, but
reality is not, how do you cope with these things?

I like to think I am as honest and real on Instagram as I am in my personal life. I share my personal struggles but also the “not so nice” parts of owning or working with horses. I try to not be fake about it or give people the feeling that everything is perfect.  

Can you give us tips on how to
combine daily work with your influencer work? What would you consider

Make sure you enjoy the Influencer part! Because if you do it’s easy to make time for it. I like to be active on social media when I unwind on the couch – with my beloved cats on my lap. Unwinding from a busy day – is my Instagram time.

Is there anything you would like
to say to everyone who reads this?

Thank you for taking the time reading this and following me! It means a lot!

Anna x Appliqué

Why did you start working with Appliqué? What caught your interest?

I was actually the one to approach Appliqué, to see if they would be interested in working with me! My account had almost reached 10k and I was starting to receive offers for collaborations from other brands. But I really liked Appliqués style – it was so different and chic, which I immediately loved, so I approached them.

Thankfully Appliqué took a chance on me! We’ve been working together for over a year now!

What are your favorite products from Appliqué and would be your biggest
recommendation to buy?

Their Tweed-Saddlepads - I absolutely adore them! <3

BUT their clothes are also great! Super comfortable, great quality and of course very stylish and chic.

Quick fire questions

Mare, Gelding or Stallion? -  ALL OF THEM

Youngster or “professor”?  -Youngster

I love to spend my Friday evening..  sitting on the couch Netflixing or reading a book.

Color or decent?  - Both❤️🖤

Leggings or breeches?  - Breeches in winter. Leggings summer.

Right now, I am looking forward to: - Having a good 2024.

Single bridle or double bridle? - Single

Coffee or tea?  - Tea

Early bird or night owl?  - Early bird 

Summer or winter? Summer

Annas favorite product: