About the brand

French design. Dutch innovation. German quality. 

The brand was created out of love for classical fashion and genuine passion for horses. Our goal is to have pieces with a classic French design combined with Dutch innovation and a German quality standard.

We want to make products with the perfect fit and sportive materials to make you feel the best when riding or out and about in the equestrian world.

Our breeches are made of multi-stretch material with a German patented grip on them. All shirts are also made from breathable and functional material with a silhouette charming fit.

Next to that, we would like to rethink the old status quo to wear your horse gear only in the stable. Products can be worn on a daily basis too and are not only designed for riding.

Our mission is to create the most fashionable and chic equestrian items with the perfect fit and long-lasting materials by always thinking ahead in product development. This also includes creating classic pieces which do not easily fall out of fashion and have a long-lasting style.
Next to that, our mission is to go step by step onto our way of sustainability.

Our vision is to create a global community with riders and non-riders as well as fashion enthusiasts who all support each other and find joy in fashion and the equestrian world.

About the V-quilting
When our founder was younger, she often saw the V-shape back in many classic products like wooden floors, classic handbags, shoes, car seats and more, but rarely in the equestrian field. This led her into quilting the saddle pads in a classic V-shape.