Get to know Sangre Real Nordica (srnordica)

Get to know Sangre Real Nordica (srnordica)

Name: Therese Lindqvist

Age: 36

From: Sweden


Slogan for life:

"Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining yourself for people and just do what works for you."

 SRNORDICA in Appliqué Amsterdam black breeches and softshell polo shirt

Where are you from, what are you riding and tell us a bit more about your beautiful dogs:
I am originally from Norway but I live in the North of Sweden for now. I have two PRE Stallions that I ride in a combination between Alta Escuela, Classical and Academic Dressage. I also own two dogs. A Siberian Husky named Jenna who is now 12 years old and a 9 Month Old White Swiss Shepherd called Milo.


How did you start your riding career? How was your way until now?I started when I was 7 years old on a Riding School. From there I went on to harness racing and showjumping before finding the Spanish horses for real. I bought my first Spanish horse when I was 18 after being in Spain and falling in love with the breed a few years prior.


You have beautiful pictures and a big following on social media. What do you like and what do you struggle with on social platforms? Are there any misconceptions?

To be honest I have never focused in being "big" and getting followers. I have always just tried and stay true to myself, my passions and my struggles. I think what we all struggle on when it comes to Social media is other peoples opinions. I learned years ago to delete hateful comments and not to give it space in my life.

You can never know the full truth of someone you follow. What we share is just a small fragment of our lives and people find it so easy to base their opinions on those small fragments.





PRE Horses 

Appliqué Amsterdam Saddlepad dressage Royal Navy Tweed with pearls  

You own PRE bred horses, why did you choose for this breed? Did you import them yourself?

Well I didn't really find my place in this world until I got to ride a Lusitano. But since I had more friends and contacts in Spain it just came naturally to buy a spanish horse when I got the chance. I imported my first Spanish horse when I was 18 back in 2004 and have imported a few more since then. Both my stallions that I have now are imported from Spain. Odin in 2018 and Loke in 2021. I started Sangre Real Nordica
(srnordica) back in 2008.


We also see you on some photos in baroque wear, do you also teach your horses baroque elements?        

Absolutely. My riding and training are very inspired by the baroque. Quilate "Loke" is working towards the Terre-a-terre, school halt and Levade that we will begin looking at in 2023. He is already working on the Spanish Walk, passage, piaffe, pirouettes and changes. So with Loke it's mostly just focusing on getting him stronger and continue with all the amazing things he offers.

With Odin the focus for 2023 will be the piaffe and passage. To get more power and energy in the movements. To really follow in the changes of tempo and rythm. And I will also focus alot of getting a better quality of the canter since that is his weakest stride.

Training wise, did you struggle with anything with your PRE´s ? What have you learned about training a PRE, what would be your tip for anyone who buys a baroque horse?

 As with every breed there is individual struggles. The PRE was first and foremost bred as a baroque horse and they are different to ride than your general warmblood, even though the breed is unfortunately changing. But a PRE is generally quicker, more reactive and more sensitive. The biggest struggle with a PRE I would say is the basic work. To get them to biomechanically work in a good way for them instead of just relying on their power and talent. Many PRE are very weak in the lumbar region and also the back so that is where the biggest work is. To get them engaged in the core and through the entire topline and not just be legmovers. And also teach them to wait. Wait for a command and listen. They are often very eager to please and has tons of ideas of what you are trying to say that they usually give you absolutely every trick and school in the book, while all you perhaps asked for was just to go forward in this tempo please. They are not the easiest but very fun.




Winter in Sweden

Srnordica in Appliqué Amsterdam Saddlepad Royal Red and Gabrielle breeches


We are facing cold temperatures right now, especially you in the very north in Sweden. Is there anything you do to conquer these? Do the horses get a special treatment, or do you dress yourself in another way?

I dress myself in many layers, and often use a winter coat or overalls. A good hat, heat soles for your shoes. Good gloves and just bracing yourself. Since I usually don't shave  my horses they are naked for most of the time. In really bad weather they get blankets but even in the cold (up to -30C) they do absolutely fine without rugs due to their thick coats. Summer is actually more of a struggle here for the horses than the winter due to insects.


How does the routine for the horses change during winter? How to keep the horses happy when they are more on the inside/ in the stable and it’s so dark outside in Sweden?

Well on contrary to what people think my horses are more outdoors during the winter than the summer. They do not like to be outdoors during certain periods of summer due to a lot of insect activity. Winter is just weather and it doesn't bother them as much. But depending on the horses if they want to live inside or outdoors I try and accomodate them.




Appliqué Amsterdam x SR Nordica

 Appliqué Amsterdam black Gabrielle breeches with silicon grip worn by srnordica

Why did you start working with Appliqué? What caught your interest?

First and foremost because I loved their different designs of saddle pads! They looked different! More unique and in a style that could fit my baroque side as well as the dressage look! And when we got to talking I just loved the people behind the company. So nice and so friendly and they made you feel super welcome in the "team". It's so nice to be appreciated by a company for your efforts and time. And they really do!


What are your two favorite items of all collections?

I absolutey love my Anita Longsleeve Polo Shirt Softshell. I use it more outside the stables than in the stable since it's so good looking! I also love my breeches.

I am a plus size rider and finding breeches is so hard if it's not ridingtights but these clothes makes me feel super comfortable in my own skin and I can wear them without even thinking I wear them!



10 Quick fire questions – This or that:


  • Mare, Gelding or Stallion? STALLION
  • Youngster or “professor”? YOUNG
  • Indoor competition or outdoor competition? I DON'T COMPETE
  • Chestnut or Bay? BAY


  • Leggings or breeches? LEGGINGS
  • Bandages or boots? BOOTS
  • Single bridle or double bridle? DEPENDS ON HORSE


  • Coffee or tea? TEA
  • Early bird or night owl? NIGHT OWL
  • Summer or winter? AUTUMN


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